Summer Sea will bring them to me

Hut Ho

My Baby's Got

I'll Sing for You

Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals:  Ann Marie N. Kirk (Hut Ho, My Baby's Got & I'll Sing for You)

Electric Guitar:  Scott Goto (Hut Ho)

Drums:  Gene Kois  (Hut Ho)

Bass, Hammond Organ, Drums, Steel Guitar & Tuba:  Pierre Grill  (Hut Ho & My Baby's Got)

Background Vocals:  Shelley Kahuanui Fey, Lo Kaimuloa, Terry Malterre (Hut Ho & My Baby's Got)

Lead Ukulele & Vocals:  Ronson Ascuncion (I'll Sing for You)

Music and Lyrics:  Ann Marie N. Kirk

3 Songs for Summer: A rocking tune, an homage to Hapa-Haole music, and a song for summer love.

Summer Sun holds my dreams

Photo:  Kevin Kirk


Kauha'a: to move up and down as the waves, or as in dancing

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